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Lana Huong is a Vietnamese-American artist and fashion designer born and raised in San Jose, California. Lana is currently based in New York. She specializes in creating beautiful and unique pieces that bridge the gap between fantasy and fashion. Growing up with a strong passion for reading and watching fantasy stories, Lana taught herself how to sew and pattern draft during the 2020 quarantine from YouTube videos. She uses second-hand fabrics to create clothes and art that bring her dreams and imagination to life. Visit Lana Huong to see how fantasy and fashion can come together in harmony. 


Award Winner

- 2024 Willa Kim Costume Design Scholarship 

Fashion Design Internships 

- Bach Mai (2023)

- Randi Rahm (2022)

- Geoffrey Mac (2021)

"I view each of my designed creations as a beautiful creature, whom I intend to capture the glory and magnificence of my needle and thread."

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